Owner / Engineer / Manufacturer’s (Oversight) Representative

AMP has extensive successful experience in the energy industry across the United States. AMP Electrical Testing is an extension of the owners, engineers, and manufacturer’s interests with project deadlines and budget as the main priorities. Throughout oversight, AMP is transparent from inception to completion of all tasks with turn-key solutions.


Utilities supply the energy needed to sustain infrastructure. Where disaster recovery, protection upgrade, and decommissioning projects leave no margin for error, AMP Electrical Testing can supply the experienced technicians and support required to complete any task at hand.


Co-generation, Nuclear, & coal/gas fired power plants must conform to the rigorous standards that regulate the modern grid today. Whether the project involves commissioning, equipment upgrades, or system maintenance, AMP Electrical Testing has the experience and project success that clients can rely on.


Renewable energy sources are a important way to fight climate change and require special attention to operate and maintain. AMP Electrical Testing provides testing services to ensure consistent system reliability.


AMP Electrical Testing has careful attention to detail, an expert team, and transparency while servicing industrial clients. AMP’s services ensure that all industrial clients maintain operations and energy requirements for their specific industry demands. AMP Electrical Testing has years of experience nationwide in various industrial avenues providing turn-key solutions exceeding clients’ expectations.


Commercial industries need constant, reliable energy to meet today’s increased electrical demand for their services. AMP Electrical Testing provides overarching services to ensure optimal system uptime and output. AMP’s team offers in-depth solutions for each commercial industry’s unique energy needs exceeding industry standards.

Data Centers

Redundancy, reliability, and system uptime are of paramount importance to these facilities. Performing critical projects that exceed the expectations of our current and new clients is our mission. Utilizing our services we ensure system uptime through proving system functionality, standardized testing, and regular maintenance.